The Austerity of Hope,  June Havoc Theatre, 2012

The Austerity of Hope, June Havoc Theatre, 2012

Gay City News - David Kennerley
...director Dan Dinero manages to make Dan Fingerman's insightful script feel as fresh and relevant as ever...

...The Austerity of Hope boasts some terrific elements. Dinero employs overlapped scenes to maximum effect. The uproarious scene of the gang meeting at a local bar to watch the election is smartly juxtaposed with Simon and Kurt going at it on a living room couch...

NY - Martin Denton
The play is well directed by Dan Dinero, who has cast it superbly.

The Austerity of Hope is great theatrical storytelling and, in its excellent production values and its unwillingness to compromise in delineating its believable characters, an outstanding example of what's best about indie theater. 

The Austerity of Hope , Fresh Fruit Festival, 2011

The Austerity of Hope, Fresh Fruit Festival, 2011

The Connecticut Post - Joe Meyers
Director Dan Dinero did an amazing job of giving a full production feel to a low-budget workshop, but the real strength of the show was in his just-about-perfect casting of an ensemble of terrific actors who clearly identified with Fingerman’s portrait of young people trying to make a big step forward during a very promising and very scary moment in America. 

Backstage - Erik Haagensen
...this is the kind of early work that the Fresh Fruit Festival exists to nourish, and when you factor in a group of confident performances from the unfailingly attractive young cast and the sure-handed direction of Dan Dinero, it's a pleasant-enough way to spend a couple of hours.